Re: Comments from Ross on PATN v3.00


Hi Ross

I value the feedback. I’ll address each issue you raised. Thanks for the feedback on the purchase/download. We have improved the comments through the process a little better.

Import. Yes, I really had concentrated so hard on getting Excel files into PATN, I hadn’t really fully considered the migration from the DOS version. Your point about the limitations of Excel we realised, but not all the implication. This is certainly an oversight on my part. We do need to add this as an import option. I figure we could ask for the xxx.prm file name and then pickup the data and labels from the stem filename (assume that the data file is xxx.dat, the labels xxx.rlb and xxx.clb). This should be quite easy. I’ll talk to our programmer tonight about this.

1. It looks like a problem with the size of the dendrogram bitmap. I hadn’t run into this before. I could save your dendrogram image using the option ‘Save As …bitmap – reduced width’. I’ll look into this as the dendrogram is not huge. Once you have the BMP file, you can embed it in anything such as Excel.

2. OK, point taken. Is the easy solution to fill out the matrix with the species labels? This would enable sorting across all table columns in Excel. As far as I can tell, this would be same as GSTA. This would also be very easy to do.

3. OK. I’ve dealt with this above. Fully agree.

As mentioned in a previous e-mail, I’m keen to see what the priorities of the PATN community are regarding other options modules such as NNB and RIND. I’ll put this response on the BB as these issues are ideal to share on BB. Once we have a ‘critical mass’ on the BB, we can use the ‘voting’ functions.

I’ll get onto seeking the solutions right away.