Re: Headers on import files


Hi Lee,

I agree – headers are good for keeping track of data but would prefer to see them as an option on import files eg. a check box that can be disabled if import file has no header. Likewise it would also be nice to flag labels (row and/or column) as absent in the data file with an option to then import them from a separate file or have them automatically assigned – especially useful for very large data files too big for excel.

Haven’t had a chance to try out the new PATN much, but am impressed with what I’ve seen. While you are looking at the next version what about an option to export the group colour assignment as red, green and blue components? I know they can be computed from the ordination scores but it would be much less messy if they could be exported directly, preferably with the option of specifying which of the axes corresponds with each colour (the old GCOL program).
Thanks, Janet