Re: PATN v3+ and sizes


Hi Andrew

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been camping for three weeks. Mia culpa but I seriously needed a break after 3 months of 18 hour days.

Your comments have been noted and we have addressed speedier data import for huge datasets in soon to be released v3.02 (along with fixing the row label sizing that leon has noted in other BB entry).

God, 35 hours is certainly not acceptable, but 1.4 million records is definitely biggish. The DOS version of PATN was (by comparison with Windows code) was minimal and enabled maximal use of memory. I’m not sure what the limits are on v3+ but I would hope that a few million records could be handled. Once the physical memory is exhausted, disk I/O will certainly slow it down. So if you plan to do this regularly, a few GIG of memory will be a must.

The Excel limit doesn’t relate at all to PATN – there are no fixed limits in PATN.

csv should be the easiest and fastest import method.

We will also address the slider bar issue for 3.02 – which will be released within days I hope. I’ll keep all posted on this given that our auto-update via eSellerate is not as we would have wished. Stay posted on that one.