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Hi Andrew

I’ve reproduced your error. Seems it relates to the number of groups exceeding one print page. 100 groups was larger than we ever tested so we didn’t pick the problem up.

We have now fixed this for PATN v3.03.

Leon had also picked up another error that alluded us on smaller test datasets. Transformations and standardizations were taking longer than they should.

We have also fixed this in PATN v3.03.

I also noted when diagnosing your problem that the smooth scrolling of the Data Table was not.

We have also fixed this in PATN v3.03.

We are now therefore running a fuller test protocol over PATN v3.03 to see if there is anything else that slipped through. This could take up to a week. I’ll announce it in the Forum when it is ready. We may take the opportunity to add another function or two planned for v3.03.

I apologise for these problems, but at least you can’t say we are tardy in trying to identify and fix them!