July 15, 2009

It has been far too long I know (apologies), but a key player in the team has been in need of support through tough times. Version 3.12 is now released and is another free update to all existing PATN users (Go to File|Check for Update). The changes include-

  • 3d-plot. Improve graphics control of 3d-plot video and default to stable video codec.
  • 3d-plot. Generate the legend in a separate scrollable window.
  • 3d-plot. When opening a .ptn file that has an ordination view open from the previous session, the right mouse click menu options will now be highlighted correctly.
  • 3d-plot. User Defined Group Colours is disabled while B & W Symbols is enabled. This addresses a mismatch between the legend and the objects while B&W symbols option was enabled.
  • 3d-plot. Revised logic for the display of user-defined colours. User-defined group colours are independent of centroid colours (PATN and a-priori group).
  • 3d-plot. Enable full control of fonts.
  • 3d-plot. Text box function improved for selection, font changes and drag.
  • ANOSIM. Fixed ANOSIM looping forever in a few rare situations.
  • ANOSIM. Fixed ANOSIM export and display buttons now enabled appropriately.
  • Box & Whisker plots. Correct problem in multi-page printing.
  • Box & Whisker plots. Enable full font control.
  • Data table. When opening a saved ptn file the marginal stats for both rows and columns are made visible even if they were not visible when the file was saved.
  • Dendrogram. Label + symbol options on dendrogram now display number in group.
  • Dendrogram. Correct number in group of Column group (groups-only) display.
  • Evaluation. A-priori group option added to ANOSIM and box and whisker plots.
  • Evaluation. Fixed a-priori group handling when number of groups different to PATN groups.
  • Export. Date and time now displayed in exported Kruskal-Wallis file.
  • Export. Ordination emf format export improves display of PCC variables.
  • Export. Improve graphic images from 3d-plot (some symbols dropped on emf).
  • Histograms. Enable full font control.
  • Import. The import of DOS PATN archive files improved.
  • Import. Improve the import of PATN relational format files.
  • Installation. PATN will hopefully no longer ‘disappear’ for a long period of time without comment during first PATN activation. PATN takes a while to detect its environment.
  • Non-hierarchical classification. Object-centroid distances are now tabulated on group tab and exported on row group composition file. This enables easy evaluation of ‘representativeness’ in environment conservation.
  • PCC. Improved handling of missing data.
  • Tools | Options | Black & White Symbols are now better aligned.
  • Fully updated Help file, of course.

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