PATN goes public

I have placed PATN into the ‘public domain’. The key reason is that I can no longer support PATN to the standard that I would wish. Adam, my long time friend and the programmer of PATN is these days fully engaged in developing the Atlas of Living Australia. He therefore has almost no time to add new functionality or fix bugs that may emerge. Seeing that I dragged him into the Atlas work, I can’t complain.

I am hoping that the community who value PATN will be able assist one another, and hopefully to further develop the concept. There are plenty of ideas about functions that I would like to see in PATN and gaps that should be filled. I will shortly add a new page to this site that lists at least some of these ideas.

We will create a GitHub repository with the code as soon as Adam gets some time to upload it and setup the basics. At that point, developmental aspects will migrate the GitHub. I would however to add a feedback and ideas page on this web site that will permit the community to discuss issues and ideas.