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PATN version 4.0 is the first public release of the free version of PATN. We plan to release the source code of this version sometime in 2018 and will notify registered users when that occurs. I know there has been a lot of interest to generate some of the uniquely PATN algorithms, so hopefully this will take a step in that direction.

What is the reason for now releasing a free version of PATN? I am getting on in years and increasingly distracted by surf and reading and less time to support a commercial product to the level that I would like. We will/have re-setup the Bulletin Board again for those with questions and of course, insights (which PATN often throws us). I will keep an eye on it and contribute when I think I have something to offer, but I am hoping of course that the community of PATN supporters will also be there to share knowledge (which may well exceed mine).

We will put the source code up in GitHub as soon as possible. Feel free to contribute, fork, whatever.

I would still recommend to new uses that you go through one of the two case studies to see how PATN works. Pick the most appropriate and follow the steps.

Enjoy PATN v4.

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