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Thanks again for your advice. I will seek out that paper and digest. It seems from its title to be most appropriate.

Yes, I will be publishing the stress value. I hope you didn’t get the impression that I wasn’t. The question was asked because I did not find the stress level for the PATN analysis that the regional vegetation study that relates to my area of interest. As such I had no way of comparitively measuring my data set with that ‘benchmark’ vegetation study. I felt like I was in a bit of a black hole.

None the less I reviewed the dendrogram of that regional study and ‘comapred’ it with mine, with the dichotmoy’s being relatively similar. On that basis I suspect the stress levels may very well be similar.

“disjunctions = high stress” hmmm food for thought and thanks.

Thanks again as I have really appreciated your assistance. Statistics has never been my strong suit, but none the less an interest to say the least.