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I have not attempted such a task as yet. I will probably experiment with this sometiome in the future, but based on the type of data I’ve got and the apparent variability in the PATN analysis for the regional vegetation study, I’m not sure if the Fidelity classifications would be all that informative.

I did perform a rather exhaustive google search for the Fidelity stuff and came up with the same link. I don’t think you can import the .ptn file, and yes Mike’s program uses the dos version. Talking with Lee I understand that there may be Fidelity classification built into the next version. That would be nice if it is truely a value adding tool.

Still a bit swamped by the whole thing atm, but from persisting with countless analysis and re analysis I suspect a better way forward would be to look really closely at the two way tables and box whisker plots rather than rely on the Fidelity classification. I could be wrong though and would be happy to be told so whilst I muddle on with my work in isolation ❗

I spent considerable time reading and re-reading the worked examples. After about the 10th time, it takes a while for my brain to switch on, I started to really get the jist of it. If you haven’t invested the time or thoroughly understand the worked examples, then I really recommend looking at them some more. I am still reading tehm on occassion, there is alot of insight in those examples!

have a good weekend