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I am using the PATN analysis for work, and I am just using it to help guide me in delineating the vegetation communities. I have collected abundance data via quadrats and PATN has identified variations within the vegetation communities ie heathy understorey versus grassy understory which is real neat.

I had a closer look at the two-way table and KW stats today and the data is starting to make sense as the wet sclerophyll species are delineating out the wet sclerophyll from the dry sclerophyll vegetation communities in my data. However, I keep finding data entry errors so I have a bit of work to go before the data is up to scratch. I am also finding that limited survey sites are an issue, and on occasions I seemed to have put a plot in an ecotonal area and this puts the data in a spin. Fragmentation and possible regrowth as my veg has a young cohort of trees (lower biodiversity) in some areas and mature forests add fire to that and I’m sure all this is affecting the data.

But all this makes it fun to nut out so I will press on and keep chipping away to reduce the stress.

With the FIDEL analysis I think it tells you the unique, positive, constant and uninformative species which describe each community. I think this is the way Stephen Bell (Gosford, Wyong), Travis Peake (Upper Hunter), Lisa Hill (Maitland) and the like have in their regional mapping. Though I have to look into it in more detail to be sure.