Re: Anyone out there?


While I note that some have read my previous posting, no one seems to have been game to vote on the question I posed. (It’s easy by the way!) The results of the vote will be incorporated into v3.02 so I was hoping for some feedback.

The issue I’ve noted is that when you export data from PATN such as the data table, group composition, ordination coordinates and most other analysis data, PATN will put some header information at the top of the file to help you interpret the content. Particularly a year or two later when you may come back to it. BUT, should we assume that if you IMPORT the same file, it will be identical in format? That is – with the header?

The point here is if you import data from another applciation, you will then have to include something that looks like the header. This is no big deal, but will be necessary.

To me, it makes sense to be able to re-import an exported file without changing anything.

Do you agree? If we don’t get feedbackon this, we will opt for expecting header on imports.