Re: Labels and updates


Hi Leon

I apologise for not responding earlier – I’ve been camping in Denmark and Sweden for the past three weeks (no electricity – let alone Internet).

I was already aware of the row labels issue and that is now addressed in the soon to be released 3.02.

Re updates – as you have seen, we have run into some problems with what we thought was an automatic procedure via our eSellerate gateway. Bugger. We have been working on a solution for a few weeks. I’ll announce some type of solution tomorrow.

Re your PCC quesiton, easy! PATN v3 and later has the concept of extrinsics built in to the Data Table. Just read THE WHOLE dataset in, select the environmental columns (extrinsics) and press the 5th button on the toolbar to move them to the right hand side of the red line, run the analysis with ‘all evaluations’ selected in the analysis dialog box and … and you have it! No more multiple datasets!