December 3, 2004

  • PATN v3.03 released.
  • Added a demonstration ‘use case‘ on the ‘medals’ dataset
  • Minkowski Series (Manhattan and Euclidean distance) association added to non-hierarchical classification. This series allows for weighting of variables akin to the DOS PATN ALOB routine.
  • The display of PATN and a-priori groups on the ordination plot is now annotated in the information region of the ordination plot
  • The a-priori and PATN group compositions are now displayed in the Visible stats area of he data Table (using the Groups tab).
  • Exported files now have a standard header comprising “Table Comment”, “Creation Date and time” and column headers, along with other specific components such as “Association method”, “Classification method” etc. Import of files using the headers and ‘headerless’ are both supported.
  • Long labels fixed in displaying the association matrices and fusion tables
  • Switching between window views no longer re-sizes the windows
  • Smoother scrolling of two-way tables
  • Auto-width option of columns in the data Table now considers the labels and values
  • Import and display of ordination coordinates fixed
  • Unassigned PATN or a-priori group displayed as missing value “..” and handled on import/export as “0”.
  • Kruskal-Wallis calculations are now performed in extended precision. Ah, the joys of working with millions of objects!
  • Better handling of missing data in Box and Whisker plots
  • Go to extrinsic row/column improved operation
  • Improved printing of the data table
  • The online Help has been updated to reflect changes and additional pictures have been added

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